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FaunaFlora is a project of a young and determined businesswoman

Claudia Di Caro

Claudia Di Caro was born in Victoria by two teachers whose passion is campaign, the family owns some land located in Vittoria, has always cultivated with olive trees, almond trees, vineyards, carrubeto in addition to vegetables. Claudia plays, as a child, helping during harvest time, listening to the stories of his grandfather and, according to his grandmother, captures the gestures and preparations of a kind of tradition. From large choose to study in Ravenna Environmental Science and during his studies he attended numerous courses relating to subjects and issues related to the promotion and enhancement of the environment, for its defense, methods of distribution and dissemination of these issues, acquiring the title of Technician Upper management and monitoring of the land and the environment. Also attends courses to specialize in the use of alternative methods of cultivation (in conversion to organic), to arrive finally, the civil service, in the Centre of Agro-environmental Forli to play different roles (guide ethnographic, environmental consultant for the planning, marketing and direct sales of farm products, agricultural activities and assistant visits of schools) within, above all, one of the Teaching Farms, becoming also a worker of educational farm. FaunaFlora Over the years it has also become a partner of the Network of Social Farms. A passion for the environment, the traditions and the desire to create an executive's clean, comes the name of the company: FaunaFlora.

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