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Fauna Flora is an Organic Farm

The area

Located in the south-east of Sicily, the territory of Vittoria is a plateau that extends from the hill to the sea. Near the prosperous province of Ragusa, Vittoria campaign has a vocation rooted in a large agricultural production of vegetables and fruits and vegetables. The area has one of the largest fruit and vegetable markets in the south but is also known for the production of one of the most exclusive Italian wines (DOCG): Vittoria’s Cerasuolo, a wine able to release the fragrant smells of Sicily.

Although the cultivation of the grape was introduced by the Phoenicians, it is with the arrival of the Greeks (VIII century. BCE) we see a real vinifera development of agriculture and the introduction of oil production and the cultivation of grain. Only in 1200 are introduced citrus fruits that soon become the very symbol of Sicily.

With Italian economic boom and the advent of plastic agriculture experienced the spread of greenhouse vegetables were better protected and absorb more light which was held inside the same plastic, the local economy was overwhelmed by an unexpected wealth which made her one of the most intensive agricultural production in Italy.

Today, our goal is to promote sustainable agriculture that disrupts the processes of exploitation and poisoning the soil and restore the equilibrium that only the choice of the organic and integrated organic production can provide.


FaunaFlora is a project of a young and determined businesswoman

Claudia Di Caro

Claudia Di Caro was born in Victoria by two teachers whose passion is campaign, the family owns some land located in Vittoria, has always cultivated with olive trees, almond trees, vineyards, carrubeto in addition to vegetables. Claudia plays, as a child, helping during harvest time, listening to the stories of his grandfather and, according to his grandmother, captures the gestures and preparations of a kind of tradition. From large choose to study in Ravenna Environmental Science and during his studies he attended numerous courses relating to subjects and issues related to the promotion and enhancement of the environment, for its defense, methods of distribution and dissemination of these issues, acquiring the title of Technician Upper management and monitoring of the land and the environment. Also attends courses to specialize in the use of alternative methods of cultivation (in conversion to organic), to arrive finally, the civil service, in the Centre of Agro-environmental Forli to play different roles (guide ethnographic, environmental consultant for the planning, marketing and direct sales of farm products, agricultural activities and assistant visits of schools) within, above all, one of the Teaching Farms, becoming also a worker of educational farm. FaunaFlora Over the years it has also become a partner of the Network of Social Farms. A passion for the environment, the traditions and the desire to create an executive's clean, comes the name of the company: FaunaFlora.


FaunaFlora cultivates olive trees, the almond trees, the carob trees, the garden in the open field, the aromatic and medicinal herbs and fruits old;

Opera processing, machinery with new technology and certified for all its products obtaining jams, preserves, sauces, pates, olive oil, flavored oils, dried herbs and more.

The businesswoman, with the experience gained from several generations and throughout life, it sells its products, unprocessed and processed within the farm shop in City quarter Casazze, online and in various markets of the province.

The cultures supplemented, are made according to traditional methods with green manure, crop rotations and looking for the most typical and forgotten in Sicily, offering customers quality products, controlled and which can be followed by those who wanted to, step by step. There is also the possibility to adopt the preferred culture and have directly home the final product.

The seasonal crops which the company produces in organic conversion are: trees, vegetables, aromatic and medicinal plants in the open field, arable land.

The trees: olives, almonds, carob beans, figs, prickly pears, quince, jujube, azzeruoli, little pear of St. John, pear Williams, pear Abate fetel, pear Coscia, pomegranate, oranges, mixed berries.

Open-field vegetable garden: garlic, onions, leeks, radishes, cucumber, eggplant, fennel, peppers, spinach, black mustard, chickpeas, broad beans, green beans, peas, lettuce, red pepper, borage, cauliflower, broccoli, arugula, zucchini, chard, turnip greens, pumpkin.

The aromatic and medicinal herbs: fennel, mallow, mint, “nepetella”, lavender, wild thyme, oregano southern, rosemary, laurel, sage, chives, basil, parsley, celery.

Organic Farm FaunaFlora

albero di carrubbe

The Organic Farm FaunaFlora was born in the countryside of Sicily (Ragusa) among olive, almond and carob trees.
From the passion for the land and an ancient culture, a young businesswoman has embarked on a daunting project: to grow organically to break the cycle of exploitation of the earth.
FaunaFlora stems from the awareness that g them modern lifestyles are unsustainable and that only a decisive change of direction can bring us closer to ecological models: the solution was to approach to natural rhythms, to a power supply based on local and seasonal a different relationship with the land and animals.
This choice has shown that a different relationship with the land must be respectful of the natural rhythms and shall exclude the products of synthesis, hence the obligation of organic farming, which together with a careful preservation of the culture and tradition of the country iblea (especially Vittoria), has become the driving force Fauna Flora transformed into a productive reality.


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